V.A.1050 The Art of Chinese Calligraphy

A semi-cursive script calligraphy. The characters of the calligraphy mean “sometime” or “due”. I feel that the style of the semi-cursive script fits the content of the piece very well.

The semi-cursive script has a smooth flow and rhythm of strokes. While the content of this piece is about time, which could be sometime, the rhythm of the semi-cursive script therefore has the depiction of the mood of “sometime” when writing strokes from upper right to lower left. These strokes, which usually appears once or twice in a character, are the much smoother strokes among others under this script.

However, no matter how smooth and linear of these smoother stroke, the semi-cursive script isn’t similar to the cursive script which allows a continuous flow. The semi-cursive script has its limit which is just like the concept of “due” where everything has its own end or destiny.

Date of Creation: 2011
Medium: Ink on Xuan paper
Size: 40 x 120 cm