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Drawing 2
The shading and shadow are so difficult to handle through watercolor. (More)
Drawing - Sketch
An experiment on employing Chinese painting technique of blank-leaving on a western medium. Apart from that, I also tried to apply the realistic technique of the western drawing on this Chinese approach on composition. I hope to balance out both (More)
Drawing 3
First work of the Season series. In this series, I try to paint the similar spot of the Kai Tak Campus in different seasons, just like what Monet's Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rouen in different hours under different weather conditions. (More)
A quick practice on drawing without referring to actual object. I think the modelling and shading are the most difficult part to represent when I have no reference to the actual lighting and shading. (More)
V.A.1110 Drawing (2)
Practice on brush strokes to create optical illusion and the use of linear perspective to create the sense of depth. (More)
Drawing 2 - Diluted
A follow up piece after the Rinse. A human face was originally depicted. Then, water was dripped and being flow down vertically to distort the human face, which turn out making a diluted face. The goal of this work is to take randomness as part of t (More)
Drawing 1 - Rinse
This work contains a painting of a grinning and a tooth brush with toothpaste. Audience may participate in this drawing by brushing the teeth, in the process, audience is putting extra details to the painting and making the painting alive. (More)
Slice of outside view seen in a classroom in the AVA campus. The bright sunshine made the branches barely visible. (More)
Life Drawing
A sketch of woman nudity which I tried to reveal the pure aesthetic of human body. By neglecting other depictions, such as face and background, I think it will free the body from identity association which divert audiences from a pure appreciatio (More)
In Chair
A prompt drawing in one summer midnight. It's my depress feeling on the living environment in Hong Kong. The majority HK citizen are struggling to fight for a tiny living space, it's feel the same like being tied in a chair. Yet, people won't satisfy (More)
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